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king fahad medical city

Administrations and Center

Learning Institute

Is working to develop quality standards for software development and design that meet national and international standards

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Continuous Professional Development Administration

Provide scientific activities aimed at consolidating scientific concepts, refining professional skills and raising the level of doctors' functional performance

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Postgraduate and Scholarship Administration

This department is concerned with the development and development of doctors' abilities by sending them abroad for special and rare specialties

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Health Training Administration.

The Health Training Department is actively involved in developing the capabilities and capabilities of the staff

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Center for Research, Education and Simulation Enhanced Training (CRESENT)

Well equipped with high-resolution analog models and virtual reality simulators and a suitable training room

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Administrative and Technical Training ​Administration

Seeks to correct the prevailing concepts of training as a positive investment that generates a return and a clearer yield in the form of higher productivity, better behavior by employees,

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Executive Administration of Academic and Training Affairs

The establishment of the Executive Administration of Academic and Training Affairs, King Fahad Medical City, dated on 12/25/1424H. Believing that training is the main tool that gives the individual skills to be productive in all levels. The education training and development of our workforce is a sole responsibility of Academic and Training Affairs at King Fahd Medical City.

training courses

The high quality standards are the most important in the management, which seeks to achieve, where the attention to the process of training in all its details from the preparation, study and evaluation and then provide the latest technology in training